Our GLO-JO P.A.L.™ (Personnel Accountability Locator) TAG is the first illuminated Level 2 Accountability Tag of its kind that can be easily activated with the squeeze of a gloved or non-gloved hand. This Tag incorporates an effectively bright LED Locator to help increase visibility; offering a practical Visual Aid when operating in low light, smoke, haze or fog. The LED Locator included with our Tag can be selected, providing illumination in the following colors: LED Green, LED Blue, or LED Red. Ready to be used in various environments, the LED Locator which is built within our Accountability Tag is water resistant & splash resistant. When necessary, the two (2) batteries that operate our LED Locator are fully replaceable (CR 2032).

Our Accountability Tag is manufactured using a durable anodized aluminum. Currently our Tags are manufactured in four (4) anodized aluminum colors: Black, Blue, Green, & Red. Our Tags can be customized to provide whatever critical information is needed; white font only. The Tag information that is provided will be laser etched, using a standard font & upper case lettering only. The front side of the GLO-JO P.A.L.™ TAG includes an American Flag and one (1) line of information. The back side of our Tag offers multiple lines of information. Both the front and back of our Tag’s will offer a limited # of characters per line. Please see the below chart showing font height and the maximum # characters available per line (Empty spaces will be included as character usage).