10 Scarves
20 Filters

Our New & Improved Personal Protective Gaiter™ 2.0 (PPG™ 2.0 Scarf) combines the use of our own built-in machine washable 0.3 Micron Air Filter and a Filter Slot Area that allows for increased Air Filtration using a PM 2.5 Filter. The 5 Layer PM 2.5 Replaceable Filter option, affords multiple layers of micro Filtration, including an activated carbon filter layer. The activated carbon filter layer is able to filter air down to 0.1 to 0.3 microns. Our current  Personal Protective Gaiter™ 2.0 (PPG™ 2.0 Scarf) has its own built-in Air Filter that is machine washable and can afford users Air Filtration without the need of a PM 2.5 Filter. The combination of a PM 2.5 Filter within our Gaiter Scarf Design allows the possibility of a snug fit around your nose and mouth area, while accomplishing 0.1 to 0.3 Micron (N95 quality) Air Filtration. Our design intends to offer Fit and Filtration, keeping out viral particles and many biological / bacterial airborne effluents which can contain cold and flu germs. Wide application of our Personal Protective Gaiter™ (PPG™ Scarf ) affords users to have N95 filter protection in environments containing dust, germs, pet hair, dander, mold spores, pollen, allergens, smoke, pollution and ash. Our product is suitable for many professional government / public sector employees, especially those within the FIRE SERVICE, EMS, LAW ENFORCEMENT and PUBLIC WORKS. The Personal Protective Gaiter™ 2.0 (PPG™ 2.0 Scarf) is a practical option when operating in potentially contaminated areas…. such as aircraft, ships, trains, automobiles, airports, train stations, schools, hospitals, public areas, and offices. Our product is one size fits all; it helps insulate in the winter and is highly breathable in warmer temperatures.  Our flexible fleece material can effectively cover ones nose, mouth, and neck area. The durability of our material is wash friendly and its construction affords long term use and reusability (Mil –Spec). Our product should fit snuggly and can allow a comfortable breathable experience.