The GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band is a multi-use / multi-purpose visual aid that utilizes a unique configuration of LED’s to help optimize one’s ability to be seen. The LED’s used in this device are housed within a clear tubular housing (optic-luminant). This design allows the light generated by our LED’s to be dispersed within this tubular housing thus creating a useful glow effect that minimizes glare.

The GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band incorporates an adjustable rubber strap as its primary method of attachment. Our design is extremely useful to all Emergency Workers who wear helmets, offering an effective visual aid in situations where “being seen” could be critical to one’s survival. When facing the rear of a helmet that is equipped with the GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band, 100% visibility can be achieved; while 25% side profile visibility is also achievable.

Our product can be beneficial:

  • During Fire-ground Ops (structural / non-structural)
  • During USAR / Search & Rescue Ops
  • On Roads & Highways (1.5 Mile Visibility)
  • During Wild-land Firefighting Ops

In essence, the GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band is designed and engineered to offer versatility to its users. Besides mounting around the circumference of a helmet, this product can disassemble to become an SCBA bottle band, and an arm band. In addition to its multi-uses, the GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band also provides three (3) different mounting methods, they are:

  • Rubber Strap Attachment Method; for use on Helmet
  • Elastic & Velcro Attachment Method; for use on SCBA and/or Arm
    (17” Max Dia.)
  • Direct Velcro Attachment Method; for use on Helmet , SCBA, or Any Other Object

The GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band (Kevlar) Offers a Visual Aid that is:

  • Lightweight (3.8 Oz w/ Rubber Strap) & Flexible
  • Highly Visible; can be seen from Long Distances in Darkness, and in smoke, haze, & fog
  • Offering a Long & Useful Service Life, allowing Battery Replacement when Necessary
  • Vibration & Impact Resistant
  • Water Resistant (Submersible Under 1 Meter)
  • Durable & Virtually Maintenance Free Utilizing:
    • Kevlar Webbing as the Main Body
    • Kevlar Thread for Stitch Work Assembly
    • High Temp Silicon for LED Encasement
    • High Temp Nylon 6/6 for Adjustment Buckles
    • High Temp Self-Extinguishing Rubber Cover
    • Military Spec EPDM Rubber

The GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band Mounts to Various Helmets:

The GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band mounts to 99% of North American Firefighting Helmets on the market; as well as rescue, wild-land, and construction type helmets. Shown below are three helmet types that the GLO-JO PAL™ Helmet Band is mounted to:

Traditional Composite Type

Modern Phenix Type

Construction Helmet