Direct Attachment Method



Our LED platform known as the GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip was originally designed to serve as an Arm Band. Described as a Personnel Accountability Locator, it was soon realized that our technology not only works great on personnel but can also effectively increase visibility of “life-saving” objects (Tools, Bags, etc.). Through our own unique combination of hook and loop Velcro, the GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip enables a retrofit system which can be adapted to virtually any object that needs to be seen. The ability to identify and target objects in low visibility conditions, faster and with increased efficiency allows for a greater potential of mission success.

Arm Band Method

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What Are Some Objects That Could Benefit from Being Seen?

  • A Medic Bag / RIC Bag
  • Stokes Basket / Rescue Sled
  • Rubber Pontoon (Bow vs Stern)
  • Ski / Water Rescue Helmet
  • Ansi- Safety Vest (Front & Rear)

The base platform of the GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip serves as an Arm Band. This method utilizes a built-in portion of elastic along with hook & loop Velcro which allows the strip to securely wrap around ones arm. The built-in elastic portion should wrap around the upper arm or bicep. The arm band application best works on a clothed arm, shirt, jacket, or PPE so as to maintain reliable tension, preventing the arm band from spinning or dropping down. It should be noted that the GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip has enough elastic to secure itself around the circumference of most 30 min high pressure SCBA air cylinders.

Optional Rescue Applications Utilizing the GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip:

  • Targeting Victim Location
  • Victim Triage / Identifying Critical Patients
  • Target Exit Device / Staircase, Door, or Window
  • Targeting Hose Line / Search Line for Egress

The GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip (KEVLAR) Offers a Visual Aid that is:

  • Lightweight (2.5 Oz ) & Flexible
  • Highly Visible; can be seen from Long Distances in Darkness, and in smoke, haze, & fog
  • Offering a Long & Useful Service Life, allowing Battery Replacement when Necessary
  • Vibration & Impact Resistant
  • Water Resistant (Submersible Under 1 Meter)
  • Durable & Virtually Maintenance Free Utilizing:
    • Kevlar Webbing as the Main Body
    • Kevlar Thread for Stitched Assembly
    • High Temp Silicon for LED Encasement
    • High Temp Self-Extinguishing Rubber Cover

Rev_04_16_15_Emma_GJ Loc Strip Back Side