How Our Technology Works

“GLO-JO – The Brake Light Indicator Comparison”

Most who are reading this understand the hazards of driving a car at night. According to state laws we are required to operate a vehicle with functional headlights and brake lights. As a responsible driver, consider this…. would you drive your car without brake lights?

Putting things in perspective, imagine how catastrophic the consequences would be if while driving your vehicle at night, you could not see the person in front of you. An undisputable history of motor vehicle collisions caused due to the failure of brake lights is proven and exists. The issues surrounding not being seen versus being seen during a critical incident can certainly be just as life changing and catastrophic. Company integrity being broken, disorientation, being unable to achieve egress, running out of air, finding oneself caught in a collapse, flashover, and/or backdraft; are all possible outcomes we unfortunately may have no control over. Low visibility is a consistent theme in most disaster situations and is a complicating factor that can seriously impede or prevent survival. Critical Awareness is a concept that is emphasized more & more; it requires effort & preparedness. Are we doing our best to enhance the potential for Critical Awareness?

The absence of “Brake Light Indicators” on a motor vehicle may seem considerably off-topic…. but it is an example we can all relate to. It is an everyday example that captures how important an active illuminated signal can serve to communicate ones presence, which is crucial to our everyday safety. All emergency personnel operating in hazardous environments that are complicated with issues of low light, smoke, haze, or fog should be afforded the safety of being seen with an active illuminated signal. Currently emergency personnel must depend heavily on the use of Florescent Color (Orange / Yellow) and the use of Reflectivity; commonly found within the retro-reflective trim used on gear. Question…. Does your safety rely only on the benefits of bright red plastic reflectors that are positioned at the rear bumper of your vehicle? Or is it necessary to have Brake Light Indicators to ensure both you & your families safety?! Something we should strongly consider when doing our job responsibly in low visibility conditions.

Illuminated Webbing Technology

The GLO-JO PAL™ line of products developed by CSC GROUP LLC coined the term: Illuminated Webbing Technology™ (IWT™). The primary objective of IWT™ is to address one primary mission, “To help Emergency Personnel and their equipment to be identified via an active illuminated signal.” The common use of nylon webbing and its practical applications within the Fire Service, EMS, & Law Enforcement has spawned a variety of IWT™ applications. Where-ever or how-ever webbing is used, through one inch (1”) buckle systems and wherever one inch (1”) hook Velcro can be sewn, so can the adaptation of IWT™. The practical application of IWT™ can easily be achieved through the use of hook and loop Velcro, as shown below:

GLO-JO is a Federally Registered US Trademark & is US Patented (Utility & Design Patents) through CSC GROUP LLC

As observed in many of our product images, our Illuminated Webbing Technology™ is selectively designed to generate light in a blue, aqua, & green frequency range. This color frequency range (blue, aqua, & green light) represents years of research which determined that certain colors of light can be optimized by the human eye, once the eye has transitioned into human night-vision (scotopic vision). The strategic manufacturing of light for the purposes of matching the peak sensitivity of the eye in human night-vision was coined by CSC GROUP LLC as Optically Tuned Illumination©

GLO-JO PAL – Personnel Accountability Locator

The GLO-JO PAL™ is an Illuminated Webbing Technology™ that offers users a multi-use / multi-purpose visual aid, utilizing a unique configuration of LED’s to help optimize ones ability to be seen. The LED’s used in this device are protected within a clear tubular housing, which also serves as an optic-luminant. This design allows the light generated by our LED’s to be dispersed within this tubular housing, thus creating a useful ambient glow effect.

The LED illumination generated by the GLO-JO PAL™ can be extremely useful to all Emergency Personnel, enabling visibility in situations where being seen is absolutely critical. Our product has useful benefits on the Fire-ground, during USAR missions, while on roadways, and during wild-land firefighting operations. Our product is designed to mount either directly to an object via our hook and loop attachment methods or can simply wrap around the radius of an object through our unique rubber strap design.