Our Objectives

The below represents the ten (10) intended objectives of our technology. These objectives originated as obvious benefits that were gained through our own field testing and on-the-job feedback. All of which present, as viable safety and survival enhancements that firefighters may find themselves benefiting from when using our device. The following ten (10) objectives are achieved through the Enhanced Positional Awareness© that our device effectively offers.

Through Enhanced Positional Awareness© among members, the use of our device intends to:

  1. Improve the ability to maintain better company integrity.
  2. Facilitate accountability more expediently.
  3. Enable greater clarity of where members were last seen operating, in the instance recall is necessary for rescue.
  4. Help firefighters within a company to be able to recognize a problem with a fellow company member sooner; enabling immediate intervention at the onset of a problem.
  5. Help firefighters with unassisted vision; specifically among members who are unable to benefit with the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera.
  6. Reduce firefighter stress, allowing for improved air consumption and/or air management, while boosting safety and confidence.
  7. Enable firefighters an improved sense of spatial awareness, helping to reduce the incident of collision among members, as it facilitates task coordination and efficiency toward completion of a given task.
  8. Help re-leaving companies more easily locate the positions of interior working companies, which are in need of being re-leaved.
  9. Help provide an indication of the direction to the means of egress.
  10. Offer an effective hands-free device, that can be used in conjunction with other recognized safe guards, helping to minimize the exposure to Firefighter Disorientation, and potentially offering a significant layer of firefighting safety.