Optically Tuned Illumination©

GLO-JO products are primarily designed to generate an active illuminated signal via a battery source. Our design characteristic is to generate light in at least 1 of 3 light frequencies, or colors of light. The three (3) colors of light that GLO-JO technology strategically intends to manufacture are: Blue Light, Aqua Light, and Green Light. These light frequencies allow the visual benefit of what is known as “Optically Tuned Illumination©”.

Optically Tuned Illumination© represents a “range” of light frequencies that compliments the sensitivity of the human eye, once the eye has transitioned into human night vision. More specifically, this spectral range of light begins with Blue Light and its various shades, all the way to Green Light. Because of the physiology of our eyes, these light frequencies (Blue light, Aqua Light and Green Light) are visually received first, and therefore transmitted by the optic nerve to be recognized by our brain before any other color. Simply put, Optically Tuned Illumination© represents the spectral range of light that the human eye “Wants to See” when operating in lowlight or darkness.

Optically Tuned Illumination© allows for a “Pro-active Approach” to being seen. Because GLO-JO technology is designed to tap into the peak sensitivity of the human eye, thus optimizing one’s ability to be seen; our product can directly impact the safety of firefighters and/or emergency workers who at times must operate in low visibility conditions. These are unique patent pending technologies that can be seen from long distances, in complete darkness and / or while operating in various visibility challenged environments (darkness, smoke, haze, or fog).