1 Scarf
2 Filters

Our Personal Protective Gaiter™ (PPG™ Scarf) combines the use of a five (5) Layer PM 2.5 Filter, offering N95 Level Protection. This 5 Layer Filter combines multiple layers of micro filtration, including an activated carbon filter layer. The activated carbon filter layer is able to filter air down to 0.1 to 0.3 microns. Our Personal Protective Gaiter™ (PPG™ Scarf) helps to protect against most pathogens and pollution, offering outer shell and inner shell layer protection. The combination of a PM 2.5 Filter in conjunction with our Gaiter Scarf Design allows for seven (7) layers of air flirtation. Our stretchable fleece material offers a snug, comfortable fit around your nose and mouth area. This design intends to optimize Fit and Filtration, while keeping out viral particles and many biological / bacterial airborne effluents which can contain cold and flu germs.