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We welcome you to our website with the hope that you can benefit from the information and products provided.

GLO-JO technology represents a line of products available through CSC GROUP LLC. They intend to offer a cost effective technology designed to help dramatically improve safety. Today the most common safety technologies used to help improve visibility utilize either florescent color (lime-yellow) and/or reflectivity. In order for these passive technologies to offer visibility, its users need one key ingredient… that ingredient is Light! Without a Light source, the use of lime-yellow color will never be visible and reflective properties will never activate in order to be seen. Our findings are that the aforementioned technologies fail because of wear and tear issues, poor maintenance, and/or situations where simply there is a complete absence of Light.

GLO-JO technology generates its own signal. This signal is identified through our own spectral range of Blue / Green light which allows for a “Pro-active Approach to Being Seen”. GLO-JO technology taps into the peak sensitivity of the human eye, offering a distinct illuminated output which is designed for firefighters and/or emergency responders who must overcome the hazards of low visibility. GLO-JO serves as a unique US Patented technology that can be seen from long distances, in complete darkness and / or while operating in various visibility challenged environments (smoke, haze, or fog).

The GLO-JO line of products have familiar characteristics, many of which have been identified as Illuminated Webbing Technologies™. These products are designed to withstand heat, inclement weather conditions, and are impact resistant. The use of GLO-JO products can offer users an additional layer of safety allowing for an effective Personal Alert Safety System or emergency lighting for its user. These devices and their components are designed to satisfy industry standard.

GLO-JO is a Federally Registered US Trademark & is US Patented (Utility & Design Patents) through CSC GROUP LLC .

GLO-JO PAL LED Bottle Band

The GLO-JO PAL™ Bottle Band utilizes a unique attachment method that compliments that need for ease of install and rapid removal. While wearing your SCBA, our product offers effective visibility and custom ID information.

GLO-JO PAL LED Locator Strip

The GLO-JO PAL™ LED Locator Strip is the most versatile & adaptable use of our product. It can be worn as an Arm Band, Directly Attached to your helmet, & be retrofitted to virtually any object that needs to be seen.